Once in a rare moment, this feeling of extremely good vibrations from an artist comes along. Gundelach is exactly one of the few artists who is able to create that particular feeling. In the early days of December, the trendsetting blog, Pigeons and Planes, premiered the single Spiders from Gundelach and the song spread out into the blogosphere. After the first week of release, the song was constantly featured in Hype Machines’ top list and even the superstar Pharrell Williams hand plucked the song to be featured on his radio show. In the wake of this, Gundelach was selected as one of the most exciting artist to follow in 2016 by Spotify and Tidal.

With his first single Alone In The Night, he took the world by storm with his melancholic combination of a flowing down-tempo melody added an enchanting, tender voice. His second single Spider that followed was just as mesmerizing and catchy that will lead you to daze of dreams. Gundelach is a must see at Stella Polaris and expect to be spellbound!