August Høyen August Høyen

With moving singles and no big arm movements, August Høyen has won a large audience in a short time. With bookings for Smukfest, Roskilde Festival, Syd For Solen and Tivoli as well as a debut EP behind him, he is now ready for his first festival tour.

August Høyen’s musical career began when he started playing drums as a boy – because the children in his family were to learn to play. While exploring the rhythms, he sat in his boyhood room listening to Stevie Wonder and practicing singing. Hour after hour. While his friends got better at kicking ankles on the football pitch, he got better at expressing himself through song. And he would need that. Because in 2021, August Høyen spent a lot of time at home, where he found himself in a dark place and was looking for a way out. It was there, his father presented him with a guitar. His abilities on the six-stringed instrument were limited to two chords, but he began to strum and play with little songs. He took off in that country music, which he had been deeply fascinated by. The simple and clear stories. And the breaks. The courage to calmly and unapologetically cut into a truth. From long-deceased legends like Mississippi John Hurt to cool vibrating modern names like Alison Krauss. He took those traditions of unvarnished honesty and instinctively fused them with his and soul sensations, and when the song ‘Forsvinder’ took shape, he found a direction.

Since then, he has gathered a small team around him, where the focus is on sticking to the at once close and impulsive songwriting: Laurits Smedegaard Andersen and the producer duo T&O (Gilli, Benny Jamz, Karl William and others). They have deliberately taken the time to find the nerve of the songs, and during the process a common theme crystallized which resulted in the debut EP ‘Det Hele Handler Om Dig’.

“Five of the six songs on the EP are pure love songs,” says August Høyen.