Elder Island Elder Island

Elder Island is a British trio of electronic house, pop and neo-soul. Made of Katy Sergent (vocalist and cellist), Luke Thorntnon (bassist and beat maestro) and David Havard (guitarist and synth virtuoso) they started in Bristol and since then the city has become their ground of inspiration.

Their first album “The Omnitone Collection” was a success. Streamed more than 15 million times within the first year of its release in 2019, the album has a bespoke artwork to accompany each song. That’s how the band makes us discover and enter into their universe. This desire to provide unique experiences through music extends beyond the walls of the Bristol studios to the concert halls of Europe and North America. But it’s just the beginning for Elder Island. Indeed, since then, they came out with a short documentary of their 2019 tour, they worked on a few projects and released their second album “Swimming Static”.

We are excited to live this experience made in Elder Island on Stella Polaris stage!