Gravity CPH Ed. Gravity CPH Ed.

Ed. or “Mr. 4 too da floor,” is a true House connoisseur. Ed. is an award-nominated DJ from Copenhagen, who started producing music in his bedroom when he was 17, and hasn’t looked back ever since! His musical inspiration comes from many different artists and genres – from disco and funk, to techno and house. He released his first single “Me & U” the 20 April 2018, which was the start of the young artist’s dream. After more than 9 million streams, he has released several tracks and worked with many of the biggest names at home. In the spring of 2020, he released his first EP on Soundcloud, My Impression, which received really strong support from many big DJ’s across the globe. After a short time, he has already appeared on both Roskilde Festival, Smukfest, Distortion, Malmö Festival etc. And with DJ jobs in Stockholm, London, Prague and Berlin, Ed. is on the move. And he’s only just getting started..