Stella Polaris is the true essence of “hygge”.

Stella Polaris has become a nation-wide festival tour, bringing chilled vibes to Frederiksberg, Århus, Sønderborg and Kolding.

The unique electronic one-day festival has survived the occasional nondescript drizzle and even a year of heavy rain and strange hail showers. Yet, somehow the clouds seem to disappear as soon as the music starts to play, and most years the event is bathed in blissful, sizzling sunshine, the atmosphere in the park reaching paradisiacal heights.

The crowd is a great mix of discerning electronic feinschmeckers, happy families with playing children, intoxicated after parties, smooching couples sharing kisses accompanied by cool white wine and the odd surprised group who just happened to walk by and decided to stay. Most of the people are between 20 and 30 years old.

Each year the line-up includes the very top names of the chill-out genre as well as other acts to fit under the downtempo umbrella, and many of them keep coming back for more.