Our magazine, Planet Stella, is your personal guide to Stella Polaris! Within the magazine you will find programs for the different scenes in the different cities, food and drink information, children activities, maps, and every other thing that is nice to know at Stella Polaris. You will also receive artist information that will give an insight into the artist playing every year and in-depths reading of other elements that are moving at Stella Polaris. Our goal with the magazine is to create content that our guests cherish and want to spend time absorbing and reflecting about in a blissful moment, while the fall and winter is coming. Planet Stella is something that reminds you of the lovely summer day, when you grabbed it – but were too busy to enjoy it on a lazy day in a lovely urban park with your best mates, some sunshine and loads of tunes you’ve never heard before.

Stay tuned for Planet Stella No. 004 in 2018!