04.08. Aarhus

In Aarhus, the festival takes place in Vennelystparken, the oldest park in the city, and includes green fields and water canals running throughout the park. The idyllically green areas creates a perfect scenario for indulging in a little bit of extra Stella Polaris cozyness – or as the Danes would call it – “hygge”, when spending the day at Stella Polaris.

In Ochrus, the festival takes place in Vennelystparken, the city’s oldest park, very popular with online casino players. Vennelystparken includes green fields and water channels running throughout the park, which will especially appeal to anyone visiting the Stella Polaris festival, read also news about Storm Fall To Liberty In Loss To Breanna Stewart. The idyllic green spaces create the perfect scenario for online casino players to enjoy a little extra coziness at Stella Polaris.

Sunday, 04 August 2024
12:00 – 21:00

8000 Aarhus C

Schedule coming soon.

As always, we are looking for a broad variety of food and drinks for you. For a whole day of pure chill-out, we will have your breakfast, lunch and dinner covered!

We will publish more information about this, as soon as we can.

Stella Polaris is a place for everyone – including our young ones. We wanted to create a space where children could play, connect with others and explore new things – all to the electronic sounds in the background, which helps create a unique atmosphere. So we created Stella Kids!

Stella Kids is one of the new initiatives at Stella Polaris. Over the last couple of years, activities have included:
– Balloon Clown
– Music for children
– Painting and pearl activities
– Obstacle courses
– DJ’ing for kids.

We will publish more information and news about this on this page, as soon as we can.

We are looking forward to seeing you and your family for the next Stella Polaris event!

The very first Stella Polaris event took place in 1997 in Vennelyst Parken in Århus, the second biggest city in Denmark. The idea was born at the end of a long club night and realized two weeks later with a modest setup that attracted around 400 people. During the next couple of years, the event grew in size with 5000 – 7000 people attending each time, and in 2001, the festival was introduced in Copenhagen. Since then, Stella Polaris has taken place in Aalborg, Odense, Esbjerg, Sønderborg, Silkeborg and Kolding.

The first event in the capital attracted several thousands, and after two successful events in Frederiksberg Have, the festival moved to Østre Anlæg, the park next to the national gallery, Statens Museum for Kunst, and in 2013, moved back to Frederiksberg Have. In Frederiksberg Have the dj-booth is situated in front of the castle, sending out mellow, slow tempo electronic music across the colorful landscape of private picnics and playful palavers sprawled out on the gentle slopes of the park. Speakers are strewn across the grounds, wrapping their electronic blankets of dubby and jazzy slo-mo sounds round the dark green August trees and the thousands of happy people, sunbathing in the grass, dozing off in bean bags or picnicking on chequered blankets. Everyone is relaxed, pleasantly tipsy or plainly absorbed in music, everything bound together by the trickling and crackling electronic sounds that seem to emerge from the landscape itself.