Kolding Hus is a historical monument that has been known to house a number of royal guests from throughout the European Royal families, including multiple kings and queens. The gardens of Kolding Hus are the chosen venue for Stella Polaris. The surroundings are serene and provide an amazing view over the city – a perfect venue for experiencing the electronic tunes with friends, family and potential friends to be.

Markdanersgade 11
6000 Kolding



Food & Drinks

Every year our food and drink area is evolving, and 2016 was filled with a larger variety of food than we have ever had before. Previously, we have had South American food from Fuego, street food from Hooked, burgers from Food Squad, festival must-haves from GØL and Steff Houlberg, only to name a few.

We are still working on the best food items for 2017, so stay tuned!

Festival Map

Practical Information

Here you will find all that is good to know during Stella Polaris. This includes, toilet facilities, first aid help, general information and much more!

We will keep you updated as soon as the details are in place for every location.

First Aid

At every Stella Polaris, we will always have first aid helpers, just in case. Their locations will be listed in the magazine and online when all the details are in place. Remember to give a first aid helper a high five when you see them at Stella Polaris, they are amazing!