Silkeborg : a city full of history

For the first time Stella Polaris can be experienced in Silkeborg in the middle of the beautiful Søhøjlandet. The picnic blankets and rosé wine will be unpacked in the sculpture park at the historic Silkeborg Bad, which is scenically located next to the Silkeborg Lakes.

During the war Silkeborg Bad was the headquarters of the German occupying power, but today the old spa buildings house Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad, which exhibits modern Danish and international art. Under the large treetops in the park, a very special and evocative experience awaits guests at this year’s chill-out music festival, who can explore sculptures, examine the old bunkers in the forest, drink from Arnakkekilden and find the Giant Troll Strong Storm, which sits high up and looks after the animals of the forest.

See you at the most evocative chill-out music festival of the year!