Silkeborg – new city on the Stella Polaris map

If everything goes well, as we all hope, Stella Polaris will for the first time, take place in Silkeborg this summer.

Silkeborg Kommune and Stella Polaris have agreed that the world’s largest chill-out festival will come to the city next summer, more specifically Friday 30 July, where the municipality’s families and citizens are invited to the nine-hour musical gathering.

At the time of writing, it has not been decided where in Silkeborg the event will take place, but in such a scenic and green area as Silkeborg, it will not be difficult to find a place that lives up to Stella Polaris’ goal of making events in unique and beautiful surroundings.

Johan Brødsgaard (R), chairman of the Culture, Leisure and Sports Committee in Silkeborg Kommune, looks forward to the collaboration and says about the election of Stella Polaris:

“I have heard so much good about the festival, so when I was told that they were looking for a new city, I immediately got in touch. It was a really rewarding dialogue, where the festival showed interest in the local framework, which we can make available here in Silkeborg. It will be a huge asset for our local music and cultural life that Stella Polaris comes to the city, and I hope that many Silkeborg residents will put a cross in the calendar on July 30 “, Johan Brødsgaard concludes.

Kalle B, Head of Love and co-owner of Stella Polaris is also looking forward to thye event:

“We are looking forward to coming to Silkeborg, which we have had on the list of interesting cities for a long time. We look forward to helping to increase the music supply for the municipality’s citizens and are already working hard to put together a unique music program, so we can make a perfect debut in the city this summer, where it is hopefully again possible to gather in large numbers. ”

Stella Polaris 2021 takes place in the following cities:

30/7 Silkeborg
31/7 Aarhus
1/8 Sønderborg
7/8 Frederiksberg

(Photo: Camilla Lundbye)