Stella 011

A Strobogrammatic Prime

Since 2005 every Stella Polaris event has spawned a new chill out compilation. A Strobogrammatic Prime is compiled by Nicka Kirstejn, with an emphasis on tracks and remixes by Danish artists, mixed with a splash of international contributions. You can purchase the compilation on digital platforms, or on CD at the festival.


Track list:

01. Tina Dickow – Moon To Let (Sekuoia’s Stella Polaris Remix)
02. Gonje feat. Hannah Schneider – Water Girl
03. Visti & Meyland – Open Your Arms (Arenholz’s Stella Polaris Remix)
04. Jimmy Somerville – Smalltown Boy (Reprise 2014)
05. Leo Ryan – The Moon Falling
06. The Kikos – Cannonball (Stella Polaris Remix)
07. Mads Björn – Summertime
08. Helmet Compass – Drugs In My Pocket (Arenholz’s Stella Polaris remix)
09. José Padilla & Chris Zippel – Akamundo (Salta Mortale’s Stella Polaris Remix)
10. Museum Of Love – Learned Helplessness in Rats (T.O.M. And His Computer’s Stella Polaris Remix)
11. Chris Coco – In My Humble Opinion (Cemetary’s Stella Polaris Remix)
12. John Lee Hooker – Black Snake (Kasper Møltov’s Stella Polaris Remix)
13. August – Early
14. Land Observations – On Observing The Matter Valley