Volunteers FAQ

Yes, of course. We will provide you with all you need for a good days work in the park.

We have room for everyone who is older than 16. However, in our bars you can only work if you are over 18.

Yes. We have special crew-toilets, that no one but the crew are allowed to use.

At Stella Polaris we do not work with shifts. Our crew are normally around all day. You will be assigned to a specific workspace together with the other crew-members. When it is busy, you work and when it is not that busy the crew take turns chilling. This allows everyone to say “Hi” to their friends when they arrive. With that said, its approx. between 10 am – 10 pm.

We expect you to be happy and treat people well. You don’t need a lot of super competences except for being able to serve a beer with a smile.

We would love to bring our crew all the way around. Unfortunately, we do not have the economic resources to do so. It means, we cannot pay the transportation costs. However, if you could manage to get and pay for your own transportation, we would love to welcome you in all cities.

Except for a lovely day in the most beautiful park, great music, happy people and most possibly some great new friends, you’ll get a goodie-bag with music and merchandise, a ticket to the after party in your city and a ticket to the crew-members party in September.

Oh yes! The more the merrier. Stella Polaris is dependent on our volunteers, so spreading this message to your network is HIGHLY appreciated.

Yes. People who ask for this will 99.9% of the time get the same working spot as their friends. Our shifts are not strict and leaves it to the crew to be self-organized.

Normally our crew meets up at 10:30 am for an introduction at the respective day and festival-site. The festival opens at 12:00 noon. When you sign up, you will automatically receive a practical information overview via email, when getting a bit closer to the festival.

People who are crew-members at Stella Polaris, come from very various backgrounds, but they all share a passion for music, bringing a festival to life and being social friendly.